merchandise: t-shirts
The Hotest Styles
Direct from the runways of Milan and Paris, these elegent, beer-resistant garments are the latest and greatest in Assrocker garb. Look good, show your support and cover up that unsightly rash in one or more of these smokin' T-shirts. Select from over two design styles!

Assrockers Eagle T-shirt For the boys... Eagle
This majestic, soaring bird of prey with beak firmly clenching a banner emblazened with the Assrockers mark. Brings tears to the eyes...

  • Shirt color: BLACK
  • Print color: WHITE
  • Price: $12 post-paid


  • Assrockers Lips T-shirt And for the ladies... Lips
    Lip-smacking good times are guaranteed when you wear this little number, custom-made to fit chicks right.

  • Shirt color: BLACK
  • Print color: RED
  • Price: $15 post-paid


  • (Note: Please allow four weeks for domestic delivery - six weeks for international delivery.)