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Rave Reviews for Suggestive Material

Four out of five fine magazines recommend Suggestive Material
Underground Press Lavishes Band With High Praise

The critics have spoken. Glowing reviews of Assrockers Suggestive Material have begun to pour in from points far and wide. Offered here, for your reading enjoyment, are a few choice cuts from the most glowing and accurate reviews published to date.

Music critic and hard rock aficionado Peacedogman proclaims "the name of the game is a 100% fun, rock-outwitcha-cock-out good time," going so far as to declare in his review that "it's been awhile since you've heard anything this raw and in-your-face." We couldn't agree more.

"A bloodbath" declares Boston-based metal wordsmith Sleazegrinder, who characterizes the A*rock sound as "steeped in all the classic mustache rock bands * Grand Funk, Heep, Naz * and frizzle-fried in pure-grade AC/DC grease." Suggestive Material, writes Mr. Grinder, offers up "shameless arena-rawk thrills with the same balls-out punk energy as brothers in-rock like Raging Slab, Night After Night, and Bad Wizard."

Even our pal John Pegoraro over at has jumped on the assrock bandwagon. Apparently, we're making his job a bit difficult these days:

"My job as editor in chief of requires me to listen to a shit ton of CDs. That's been hard to do the last week, as Assrockers' Suggestive Material has pretty much monopolized the CD player."

Offering the band one of the highest compliments we've received in a long, long time, Pegoraro intones "They chose themselves a fitting band name, because from start to finish, Suggestive Material is a righteous slab of boogie rock. Great tunes and a great vibe."

As an added bonus, Ralf Burkart, Germany's answer to Lester Bangs, recently posted a review of our promotional DVD 100% Assrock and Roll in Daredevil Magazine. "The videos are well made and the sound is also really fat and well mixed and you can feel the live feeling in this club, a good audience, good stage light, a really present front-man, a good band which plays RocknRoll or should I say AssrocknRoll the American way, more laid back, but still really powerful..." Danke Ralf.

So there you have it. While critics may not agree on much, they heartily agree that Assrockers Suggestive Material is "a raw blood-bath of powerful American boogie rock." Or something to that effect.

Hell yeah!

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Assrockers Release "Suggestive Material"

Crazed Assrock fans clamor for the new CD, T-shirts, and concert tickets.
New CD and New T-Shirts Unveiled for A*Rock Faithful

"Suggestive Material," the long awaited, much anticipated full length CD from Washington, DC's Assrockers has finally arrived.

Over 45 minutes long, eleven tracks in all, the band's first full length offers listener's a generous helping of the signature Assrock sound that fans have come to know and love. From the screaming licks that jump start the album opener "Tonight We Came to Rock" to the sonic crescendo of the closer "Carpe Denim," all the essential elements are there — the fist-pumping powerchords, the booming bass lines, the searing guitar solos, and the colossal drum fills.

Never ones to settle for the expected, however, Assrockers have turned their sound up a notch yet again by throwing a healthy dose of organ, tambourine, and gong into the mix.

The result? An Assrockers listening experience that rivals the band in all its live performance glory and vastly builds upon the promise hinted at in their 2003 release "All Inputs."

But don't take our unbiased word for it.

As a treat for the fans and a lesson in all things Assrock for the uninitiated, the band has posted three tracks from "Suggestive Material" online. The raucous ode to unrequited love Contact High, the eighteen-wheeler anthem Trucker's Buddy, and a song dedicated to marathoning fugitives everywhere, Never Stop Running, have been made available for download for a limited time.

If you like what you hear, you can buy "Suggestive Material" right here on, and it will soon be available from fine distributors such as cd baby and i-tunes, where our 2003 release "All Inputs" can be purchased as well.

Band Unveils New T-Shirts
Finally, in what is the lynchpin of the band's global assault on the hearts and minds (and torsos) of discriminating music fans worldwide, Assrockers have unveiled their new line of t-shirts. Nothing says adoration or loyalty like wearing the name of your favorite band proudly across your chest, and never before will you look so damn good doing it.

So, Let's Review...
Assrockers new CD "Suggestive Material" is out now and available for purchase right here. Album cuts Contact High, Trucker's Buddy, and Never Stop Running are available online for your listening pleasure. Spread the gospel of Assrock by slipping into an attractive and form fitting Assrockers T-shirt.

Rock on!

Hot Damn! Hot Wax! A*Rock Full Length Nearly Complete

Coming soon to a record store near you!
Band Appeases the Hometown Faithfull with Two Area Shows

For three long months, Assrockers have been holed up in an undisclosed, rural Maryland location, drinking countless cans of cheap beer, smoking innumberable name brand cigarettes, urinating al fresco, and, in the process, recording their first full-length CD. Eleven tracks in all, the as-yet-untitled disc is slated for release just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

The track list includes a number of fan favorites, including the ode to former lover "My Baby Left Me (for General Electric)", the eighteen-wheeler anthem "Trucker's Buddy", and the always raucous "Ain't Too Drunk", as well as cuts from the band's latest ouerve.

"It's been so long since we released 'All Inputs'," lead guitarist Riff Rokkwell boasted recently, "it wouldn't be fair to the fans to deliver anything but a complete set of the best tracks we've been playing live over the past few years."

Under the watchful eye of producer extrodinaire and Hidden Hand bassist Bruce Falkinburg, the band has painstakingly tried to deliver a listening experience that matches the band's dynamic and always entertaining live show.

"After listening to the first set of demos, we weren't satisfied," claimed drummer Shanghai Skorz. "Did we want to put out a good disc, or an Assrockers disc? The answer was simple."

Since scrapping the first set of recordings, it's been full steam ahead for the DC band. With the final tracks in mix down and production fast approaching, one question remains - will the Assrock faithful dig it?

"Dig it?" laughed guitarist Killer-T Roxx. "Hell yeah! This disc is gonna blow people away."

Assrockers Keeping it Real... Real Busy: Shows, a new DVD & full-length album planned

Riff, Shang, Bison, JJ & Roxx tear it up in Anacostia Assrockers have been packing it in this summer starting off with a bunch of shows in DC, Philly and New York. Of note was a hearty and heart-felt Birthday Bash gig for Riff Rokkwell at Trash Bar in Brooklyn. The band tore through a booze inspired set ending with a deep cut, Et Tu Brute, per rabid fan request. The next day the band travelled to Anacostia, east of the river in DC, and rocked their first ever outdoor event. Future outdoor events are in the making, so keep your eyes peeled.

Currently the Assrockers imminent DVD, "Assrock & Roll", is in the final stages of production. Promo copies will be distributed in the coming weeks with a more extensive release later this summer. Get ready for this mother, cuz it kicks ass. The band is truly in top form and production... well let's just say your Song Remains The Same copy can finally be put to rest. Included are three tunes in full color widescreen format, the audio of the entire August 2004 show recorded at the Black Cat in DC, slideshows of our poster and handbill art, as well as photos from the show. Sorry, no back stage footage of Bison bearing his meaty hind quarters this time.

Press and record labels should contact us for promotional copies.

The band is also in preproduction for our first full-length record. We've got 14 prime cuts ready to lay down with producer/engineer extraordinaire Bruce Falkinburg (also the bassist for The Hidden Hand). We'll be recording in late-July and August, hoping for a fall release and looking for a label. Any interested labels should contact us through the "Contact" page of this site.

In the meantime check out our upcoming shows, New York, Baltimore, and DC, are next up and more will be added shortly - keep you eyes on the show schedule.

DC Rock City Rocked, Pants Charmed Off Charm City

Nearly four months to the day since their last live performance, Assrockers returned this weekend with a pair of shows and definitive proof that their lengthy layoff and recent personnel changes have had no effect on their ability to deliver a Grade A Assrocking.

Assrockers kicked off the weekend's festivities on Friday night at D.C.'s Velvet Lounge, where they headlined a four-band bill that included New York City's Brought Low, Virginia's Valkyrie, and Kentucky's Arch. The band delivered on its promise of a high-octane, no-holds-barred performance. From the opening chords of "Trucker's Buddy" to the closing cacophony of "Ain't to Drunk...", the band plowed through a 45 minute, freight train of a set of that left the capacity crowd screaming for more.

The D.C. show marked the debut of Assrockers' newest member, bassist J.J. Rod. By all accounts, the novice held his own with his seasoned band mates. "J.J. is the man," Riff Rokkwell boasted, puffing on a Marlboro Light at the bar after the band's set. "He's got the chops, the looks, and the moves. He was born to be an Assrocker."

Bison and Roxx enjoy the secret cupcake society From there, it was on to Baltimore, where the band treated the citizens of Charm City to their first taste of assrock'n'roll since September. The Saturday night benefit show also featured a pair of Baltimore's finest bands -- Secret Crush Society and Thee Lexington Arrows.

Improving on Friday night’s set and with ample room for the simian-like moves of Killer-T Roxx and Bison Roughbottom, Assrockers shook the foundations of the club and shocked audience members with a very up-close-and-personal performance. Set highlights include the stirring anthem to tight blue jeans "Carpe Denim" and the band's newest and shortest crowd-pleasing track "Tonight We Came to Rock."

In true Baltimore fashion, the bands partied well into the early morning hours, consuming numerous cans of Natty Boh and gorging themselves on savory baked goods prepared by the wonderful ladies of Secret Crush Society.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… it's official. Assrockers have returned.

Misty Retires, J.J. Rod Signs On

J.J. Rod In a shock to bandmates and fans alike, Assrockers' bassist and founding member Misty Stainz has announced her retirement. After three years of assrocking, Misty has put down her bass and is focusing on a number of humanitarian causes. We wish Misty well!!!

Filling the huge hole left by Misty's departure is none other than lanky wonderkind JJ Rod. JJ popped his Assrockers' cherry last fall when he stood in for Misty for a few live dates. We are pleased to announce that JJ accepted our offer to fill Misty's stiletto heels and is now an official card carrying member of Assrockers.

Assrockers Join MySpace Cult

Yeah well... it was bound to happen sooner or later. Why fight the inevitable. See what the fuss is about at and if you're a member, add us as a friend. We love our friends very much.