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Studio Cuts from 'Suggestive Material'
Never Stop Running
Are you an outlaw on the lam, keeping one step ahead of the law, traveling at night, and covering great distances by extraordinary means? Surely you can relate to this hard-charging track from Assrockers. We know your burden and have transformed your pain into a sonic masterpiece. Listen, but do not linger.

Contact High
Establishment scientists may continue to debate the reality of contact high, but we here at Assrock U. know full well that the phenomena exists. In fact, we've expanded its meaning to include the effect that scantily clad dancers have on the besotted. School is in sesssion - listen up and you just might learn something.

Trucker's Buddy
The men and women of the trucking industry are a unique American sub-culture, with their own language, customs, and manner of dress. While our nation's fascination with truckers may have long-since faded, Assrockers pay homage to the solitary warriors of the American highways with this anthem. Best heard in a fast moving vehicle at full volume with the windows rolled down.

Live Tracks
Ain't Too Drunk
We all know Assrockers fans love to drink and get it on. Most of the time these two hobbies go hand-in-hand, one-begetting the other. This song's about some of them other times...

Carpe Denim
Not since Levi Straus invented the damn things back in cowboy days has there been such a rawkusly rocking ode to denim and the asses that get packed into 'em.

Quarter-mile track, the heady smell of rocket fuel, engines spitting fire, parachutes for breaks... it's all here in this band favorite.

In-Studio Performance
WPRB 103.3 FM
Almost a full half hour of sonic Assrockers studio performance for the Jon Solomon Show in February '04. Tracks include General Electric, Dirty Mind and Thor -- a track mighty enough to earn a slot on Jon's "Best of 2004 Show" play list.