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Suggestive Material
Assrockers - Suggestive Material You've waited long enough! "Suggestive Material" has finally arrived. Over 45 minutes of Grade A A*rock'n'roll , this CD is guaranteed to blow your mind and the speakers on your ex-girlfriend's crappy stereo.

Eleven tracks in all, this amazing new CD includes GARC favorites 'My Baby Left Me for General Electric,''Ain't Too Drunk,' and 'Dirty Mind,' as well as destined-to-be-A*rock-classics 'Tonight We Came to Rock,' 'Never Stop Running,' and 'Contact High.'

You want it. You need it. Order your copy today. It's only $12 postage included! Yes, we are serious.

All Inputs
Assrockers - All Inputs Over 27 minutes of non-stop assrock in a handy CD audio format that you can play in any compact disc player. The fully-featured full-color packaging contains lyrics, band photo and production factoids that you can use to impress your friends.

Tracks include a little something for every assrock fan. From the raunchy classic '24 Hours' to the historically accurate 'Et tu Brute', you'll definitely find something worth getting off the couch to crank up. We guarantee it.

Order your copy today. It's practically a steal at only $8 postage included! What are you waiting for?

(Note: Please allow four weeks for domestic delivery - six weeks for international delivery.)