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AP Top Strange News at 11:07 p.m. EST

Thousands of thumbtacks found in California dog park
HERCULES, Calif. (AP) -- Police say they have stepped up patrols and are considering putting cameras to try to catch whoever is spreading thousands of thumbtacks across a Northern California dog park....

AP PHOTOS: Jumping donkey leaps to fame in Egyptian village
AL-ARID, Egypt (AP) -- A donkey has leapt to fame in a small Egyptian village by defying her species' well-known stubbornness and jumping hurdles on command....

Mayor shows love to skateboarders, lifts ban in Love Park
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Skateboarders in Philadelphia are feeling the love from Love Park now that the mayor has temporarily lifted a ban on skating there until it closes for renovations....

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An Exhibition That Proves Video Games Can Be Art
?The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer,? in Boston, is the first major museum retrospective dedicated to a game designer?s work.

Robert Storr Is Stepping Down as Dean of Yale University School of Art
Mr. Storr will depart after a decade, to be succeeded by Marta Kuzma, currently the vice chancellor and rector of Stockholm?s Royal Institute of Art.

Knoedler Gallery and Collectors Settle Case Over Fake Rothko
The collectors had sought $25 million in damages, accusing the defunct gallery and its former president of participating in a ?racketeering scheme.?

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Obama the Sphinx
President Obama officially launched his push for peace in the Middle East yesterday, sending his new envoy George Mitchell to the region and declaring his desire for genuine progress -- "not just photo-ops."

Is Reaching Out Futile?
In his first weekly address from the White House, President Obama on Saturday described his proposed $820 billion economic stimulus plan in more detail and appealed for public support.

Return to the Moral High Ground
All it took, at long last, was a few strokes of a pen.

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Cops: Middle School Students Plotted To Bake Pot Cookies In Home Economics Class

A quartet of 13-year-old Iowa boys was arrested yesterday on narcotics charges, police report.

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Second Man Sues NYPD Over Jolly Rancher Arrest

Lawsuit: Cops mistook hard candies for methamphetamine

Brooklynite Omar Ferriera, 23, alleges that his civil rights were violated when he was mistakenly arrested last year on a misdemeanor drug possession charge.

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Cops: Pot Dealers Busted Near Elementary School Had Stash Hidden Inside Scooby-Doo Lunchbox

The accused South Carolina duo was collared before they could escape in the Mystery Machine.

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Grandpa Calls 911 To Report His "Lazy" Grandson

Man, 72, reported that teen refuses chores
911 Operator

Edward Friel told Ohio  deputies that his 17-year-old kin "does nothing around the house," so he "cut the internet cable cord."

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For What It's Worth, Donald Sterling Is A Registered Republican (Like Every Other Billionaire You Know)

Let the trolling begin...

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